Qlik Mashup

What is Mashup (Custom Front End Design)?

Applications or websites created by displaying content from different sources in a single graphical interface are called “Mashups”. With Qlik Mashup technology, you can use Qlik’s engine and capabilities to create useful and stylish web applications suitable for the visual identity you want, making your dashboards more effective, fast and easily accessible applications. Technologically, you can take your data and visualizations in Qlik to a different dimension using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

As you can see, it is possible to create a Qlik Mashup using different technologies and applications. By using Qlik Sense APIs, you can create interactive applications with the visuals you want. You can pull data from Qlik using APIs. This data can be stored in Javascript and used to create cool looks, dynamic text, create a visualization. To create visualizations you need to be familiar with libraries like D3, ECharts or any other visualization library. You can use Qlik objects within any web application of your choice.

Qlik Sense Mashup
Qlik Sense Mashup

Qlik Sense Mashup

Qlik Mashup allows you to easily and quickly integrate with your Qlik Sense objects to produce enriched results in case your dashboard application does not meet your needs in Qlik Sense. You can reuse Qlik Sense visualizations, including your custom extensions, and also leverage Qlik Sense data and calculations.

There are multiple reasons to use Qlik Sense Offsets. First of all, it is to be able to capture corporate standards in your visuality by transferring your corporate corporate identity to your applications, and to add a different dimension to your corporate applications with a stylish and impressive interface. By collecting different data from different sources in a single application, you can create specially designed summary dashboards for your different types of users.