Q-Mail Cloud

Perfect fit with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS

With the Q-Mail cloud, your Qlik Sense Enterprise Saas reports can now reach their recipients as you wish. You can start using it immediately with an instant subscription without the need for installation. Moreover, the first 1 month is free!

Q-Mail Cloud is a new generation software technology that integrates with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and sends reports by automatic mail. At the specified time with Q-Mail Cloud, at specified intervals (e.g. every Monday, every day, weekly, monthly, hourly, minute, etc.), the desired users or groups are automatically sent to PDF, HTML, XLS, etc., within the framework of the authorizations defined in the Qlik environment. Allows the report to be sent in ,… formats.

Definitions such as people and groups to be sent, schedule times, reports to be sent can be simply defined and managed thanks to user-friendly interfaces developed with innovative technologies.

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Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS Integration

It works integrated with Qlik Cloud and sends reports by automatic mail.


User grouping, external user, filtering features, different authorization types.

Different Operating Options

The schedule can be changed automatically when the application is reloaded or the job runs.

Logging and Security

It keeps log records in the system, provides debugging and full security.

Warning System

Automatic mailing feature if a value meets the defined conditions.

Different Types of Reports

PDF, HTML, XLS, etc. It supports many formats.

Different Shipping Options

Different sending options as Mail, FTP, SFTP and export to folder.

Innovative Technologies

A new generation infrastructure developed with mobile compatible, HTML 5 and the latest software technologies.

Data Filtering

You can filter your data in your reports as you wish.

User friendly

Fast and easy to use with a new generation interface.

Q-Mail Video